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Welcome to  the Folton Folt Great Dane kennel's new, English languaged website! Our kennel is a specialized Golden Garlanded Masterbreeding of the harlequin and black colour variete, included boston mantle and merle colours, too.


With a great pleasure we invite you to meet with our pack, the Folton Folt Great Danes, which we are so proud, and whom we owe so much joy and happyness!


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News and Updates at Folton Folt kennel

  2020  August  
  Debrecen CACIB 2020. 08. 02.
Judge: Orcsik István (SRB)

Folton Folt Wick: Exc-1, HPJ
(on the picture)

Folton Folt Wolvo: Exc-1, CAC, R.CACIB

  Debrecen Éjszakai CACIB 2020. 08. 01.
Judge: Miroslav Vaclavik (CZ)

Folton Folt Wolvo: Exc-1, HPJ, BOB
(on the picture)
With this achievement Wolvo passed the "Junior Champion of Hungary" challenge

Folton Folt Wick: Exc-1, CAC, CACIB

  Debrecen 2020. 07. 31.
Judge: Papp László (RO)

Folton Folt Wick: Exc-1, CAC, CACIB
(on the picture)

Folton Folt Wolvo: Exc-1, HPJ, BOB

  2020  July  
  Individual site of Wick is ready>>>

  July 15 2020.
Wolvo and Wick passed their breeding conformation
  2020  June  

New picture of the 14,5 months old Wick


New pictures of the 14,5 months old Wolvo




New picture of Xulu


New picture of Xynthia

  2020  May  
  New images of our girl, Una.


  Wolvo got an individual site
  New matings we plan for the autumn of 2020





Folton Folt Nathalie







Folton Folt Nina

  2020  April  

New pictures of  Tom:



New picture of Xenia:


New pictures of Xyt


  2020  March  
  We have only one free puppy from the X litter  
  Judging invitation:

I have very happy news: I got invitation for judging the black and harlequin bitches
on  May 22 2021 at the FCI European Dog Show

  Puppy news:
Xophie and Xulu-Lulu already found their new homes

Febr 15., 2020. Budapest Winterdogshow CACIB:  12 great danes entered

  2020  February  
  16/Febr/2020. Budapest FEHOVA
judge: Denk Csaba

Folton Folt Wolvo: ExcI., HPJ, BOJ, BOB


Folton Folt Nathalie: Exc I., CAC, CACIB


Folton Folt Teo: Exc I.

  We have limited puppies available from our X litter  
  Our site "As FCI judge" enriched with the article of Nationale d'Elevage from the press Le Trait d'Union  
  All puppies found their homes from litter U.  
  2020 January  
  Black puppies are available in limited number from our "X" litter
  There is only one black boy available from our "U" litter


  New picture of the 9 years old Folton-Folt Almania
  New picture of the 7 years old Folton-Folt Gordon

Owner: Ilona Simai
  2019 December  
  From the "U"litter, only one female and 3 male puppies are available.  
  New judging invitation arrived for the Winterdogshow 15/02/2020 (Saturday) CACIB. See you there!  


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