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Welcome to  the Folton Folt Great Dane kennel's new, English languaged website! Our kennel is a specialized Golden Garlanded Masterbreeding of the harlequin and black colour variete, included boston mantle and merle colours, too.


With a great pleasure we invite you to meet with our pack, the Folton Folt Great Danes, which we are so proud, and whom we owe so much joy and happyness!


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News and Updates at Folton Folt kennel


DEC 2017

  Folton Folt Nash is available for stud service

Our R litter had been born at 02/dec/2017.
We have 1/0 harl, 1/2 black,2/1 merle puppies


NOV 2017

  12/Nov/2017 Leipzig - World Dog Show
judge: Lisbeth Mach (CH)

Folton Folt Nathalie - Exc IV.
We are very proud and happy of Nathalie, who awarded 4th place from in very strong quality 10 dogs concurence,
under the honorable judge Mss Lisbeth Mach (Ch)



OCT 2017


21/10/2017. Komárom - CACIB

 judge: Lakatos István (H)

Folton Folt Nathalie - Exc I., CAC,CACIB,BOS
Folton Folt Nash - Exc III.

  Planned litter for nov/dec of 2017  

Folton Folt Godiva

planned birth: 30/nov 2017

Big Dope Eldan

  Next shows, where you can meet with our dogs:
KOMÁROM CACIB  Oct 21/2017

SEPT  2017


New pictures of our 3 months old black girl, Quelle



09/09/2017. Penafiel - CEDDA (Spanish Clubshow)

 Judge: Milan Krinke (CZ)

Folton Folt Nathalie      Exc II.

09/10/2017. Penafiel EuDDC Show

Judge: Horst Hollensteiner (DE)

Folton Folt Nathalie      Exc III.


Nina is 22 months old


AUG  2017


2017.08.26. Hradec nad Moravici Cseh klubkiállítás

Bíró: McGlynn Yvonne (SCO)

Folton Folt Nathalie      K-1    CAC

2017.08.27. Kamenny Mlyn

Bíró: Gabriella Ridarcikova (SK)

Folton Folt Nathalie      K-1    CAC


JULY  2017

  New image of our 'Q' black girl from Adagio el Santhynor and Folton Folt Godiva  


2017.07.22. Debrecen CAC

Judge: Korózs András

Folton Folt Nash - CAC

Folton Folt Nina - CAC

Folton Folt Nathalie- CAC, BOS



2017.07.22. Debrecen Midnight CACIB

Judge: Jaroslav Matyás (SK)

Folton Folt Nash-  CAC

Folton Folt Nina -  CAC, R.CACIB

Folton Folt Nathalie-  CAC, CACIB, BOS



2017.07.15.    Szombathely CACIB

Judge: Maite Gonzalbo Lorenzo ( E )

Folton Folt Madlen- CAC, R.CACIB


2017.07.15.    Szombathely Evening CAC

Judge: Viktoria Pogodina (UA)

Folton Folt Madlen     CAC, BOB



2017.06.11. Agárd CACIB I.

Judge: Csépai István

Folton Folt Madlen- CAC, CACIB, BOS

Folton Folt Nathalie    Exc III.

2017.06.11. Agárd CACIB II.

Judge: Miklós Levente

Folton Folt Madlen     CAC, CACIB, BOB



2017.06.03. Koroncó

Judge: Csépke Katalin

Folton Folt Madlen     BH vizsga ( Working Trial: level I.)



2017.05.20. Pápa    2xCAC

Judges: Szabó Sándor, Marian Draganescu (RO)

Folton Folt Madlen     2xCAC, BOS



2017.04.23. Mosonmagyaróvár

Judge: Korózs András

Folton Folt Madlen     CAC, BOS

  New images of our Q litter out of Godiva and Adagio el Santhynor  

JUNE  2017

Q litter have been born!
1/1 harl, 0/1 black puppies we have.


Folton Folt Godiva

D.O.B.: June 20/2017

Adagio el Santhynor


MAY  2017

All puppies from "P litter" have their new owners

APR  2017


Danubius Dog Clubshow 2017. 04.22.

judge: John R. Walsh


Folton Folt Nash Exc I., CAC
photo: Petőfi Renáta


Folton Folt Nina Exc I., CAC

Folton Folt Nathalie Exc I., CAC, Clubwinner 2017

photo: Petőfi Renáta


Folton Folt White Sensation Exc I., CAC, Veteran Clubchampion, Veteran BIS 1.

photo: Petőfi Renáta


Brace I. place, Breeding group II. place

photo: Petőfi Renáta


More images of the show:

especially thanks to: Petőfi Renáta and Milena Franzetti!

Folton-Folt Nathalie


Folton -Folt White Sensation

  Debrecen CACIB 2017.04.15

Folton Folt Nash
Exc I., HPJ, Best Junior, BOB
judge: Milan Krinke (CZ)
  We are expecting puppies!  

Folton Folt Godiva

planned birth: June 16/2017

Adagio el Santhynor

  Our "P" puppies are reserved.
  Our P litter arrived!  
  New pictures of Folton Folt Miss  



2017.04.01. Békéscsaba CAC
Folton Folt Nash
Exc I., HPJ, BOB
judge: Baffia Zoltán


MARCH  2017


We are expecting puppies with Folton Folt Cheyen and Folton Folt Nash
at the end of March 2017 


Godiva's elbow evalueation arrived. She has ED:0, free elbows both side.


I got a new invitation as a judge for the Budapest Grand Prix CACIB at 30/04 2017. See you there!


FEBR 2017



Febr 18 / 2017- FEHOVA Winter Dog Show

Folton Folt Nash

Exc.1, HPJ, BOS. Judge: Hans Bierwolf (A).

Same day Nash got breeding licence at DDK confirmation. Judge: Rauhoffer Viktor (H)



Folton Folt Nash

our black male's individual site is ready




New pictures from the Slovenian clubshow

Folton Folt Nina  and  Folton Folt Nathalie



Updates on the site "as an FCI judge" with FEHOVA Winter Dog Show entry numbers



All our puppies from litter "O" have been found their loving homes.


JAN 2017



New pictures at the "O" litter's site.

From this litter only Optimus is available!



Folton Folt Godiva's official HD result arrived. HD:B



Slovenian Clubshow Ljubljana
21/22 Jan 2017.
Judge: Antonio Di Lorenzo (NO)

Folton Folt Nash : Exc II.
 Folton Folt Nina : Very good
 Folton Folt Nathalie : Exc I, Junior Winner
 Junior Club Winner 2017 



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